About Us


We want to provide the Easiest and fastest one stop shop for all your cycling travel needs. But most importantly we want to help you Get your bike safely to any destination in the world. With one of our Shokbox Classic Bike cases you can travel to your destination with the best-Looking bicycle transport system in the world knowing that your pride and joy will arrive in one peace at the other side.


Shokbox® is safe, strong and without doubt the safest solution for transporting your bike.  With TSA latches and GPS tracking our design incorporates Shokbox’s revolutionary impact damping system and smart impact zones, we use seminal technology and suspend the frame and wheels in an amniotic type cavity to give ultimate protection for your bike.

Hand built in the UK, Shokbox® is unique in its appearance and stands alone in performance. With sweeping lines and contours, we were purposeful in the design process, avoiding flat surface areas our smart design gives strength and added protection without increasing the overall weight or compromising internal security and impact integrity.


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